Diana Ionescu wrote:

"The Blue Line would be the template for a much-needed economic boost for Prince George’s County that simultaneously helps the environment and maintains affordable housing." The plan "emphasizes business and economic development, crucial in a county with plenty of housing but relatively few jobs." Its authors hope it will attract large, institutional employers and raise the average annual salary in the area to a level closer to the rest of the D.C. region. "The plan’s second broad goal is to increase commercial tax collection by $100 million annually, enhancing much-needed local services. Third is increasing the population by 50,000 in areas near transit, including a mix of incomes and housing types."

"The plan’s fourth goal is preserving affordable housing and a diverse housing stock even in the midst of growth." The county also hopes to "increase food retail options in low-income areas to make fresh, healthy food widely accessible" and enhance "identifiable character" through public features and amenities.