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IconIQ Cities Initiatives

Smart City Working Group

The Smart City Working Group focuses on identifying the technologies of the future, and implementing them in infrastructure and buildings along the Wasatch Front. We work with companies leading the development and deployment of smart city technology to learn from and build on projects that have been done in other cities.

Infrastructure Working Group

The Infrastructure Working Group promotes development of large-scale physical and technological resources that service entire communities -- for example, adoption of electrified and autonomous vehicles in Utah. It is spearheaded by the SELECT program at Utah State University.

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group focuses on ensuring that what we develop today will serve the needs of both the current and future generations. This includes sustainable energy, green transportation, quality of life aspects of urban design and real estate development, and more.

Community Working Group

The Community Working Group focuses on a broad range of quality of life issues, such as affordable housing, the arts, walkable neighborhoods with community space, and more. Our goal is to ensure that as the Wasatch Front grows, decisions are made early to lay the foundation for vibrant communities that serve humanity while attracting the world's best and brightest.